Long lasting protection




Compared to alcohols and oxidation based alternatives, Appeartex offer a long lasting effect based on polymeric technology.


Polymeric technology is in principle a non volatile technology. It does not evaporate at normal conditions and therefore is able to stay on the applied surface a longer time than most other active substances. A unique formulation is also added that makes possible a simple coating of the treated material. The effect is a stay on coating that doe not leak.

Appeartex works and coats on a wide range of different surfaces. It is also able to cover fibers and fabrics in a very effective way. Appeartex can be applied easily by spray or cloth

Appeartex formulation has also been found to be effective on skin applications. A strong effect and also long lasting protects the skin in risky exposure events and scenarios. It is also effective in eliminating skin pathogens that are difficult to remove with other disinfectants.



The Appeartex disinfection formula is effective in all applications in need of a effective water based alternative to alcohols or other aggressive types of disinfectants such as chlorine derivatives.


Food industry applications can be specifically design as to used the formulation in a way that complies to the rigorous regulations.

For medical application the effective bactericidal formulation is very effective on hands and surfaces. The long term effect may help to prevens the spread of multi resistant species in hospitals.

Veterinary and animal applications for disinfection in tough environments.

Appeartex Technology finds applications in a wide range of businesses. It is not a total solution but rather a complement that may eliminate the problems that other system can not cope with.

The Appeartex interest group will support and help you to find out if your application may be suitable for the technology. A solved problem in disinfection will always lead to a better world.



Appeartex technology is produced under high quality standards. All the final product application are evaluated and tested before the application is validated.


Guardson is the Brand promoting most of the products and compatible products that work well with the Appeartex technology. AK Kemi AB provides know how and other information related to Guardson products and applications for the Appeartex Technology.

Guardson is an international sales company based in Odense Denmark. The product brand "Guardian" are produr based on Appearex technology for surface disinfection and skin disinfection. Guardian SPA is a brand for water treatment applications.

AK Kemi AB is a Swedish company promoting products containing Appeartex technology by distributing and selling Guardson products in Sweden. AK Kemi are experts on the Appeartex technology for education and training.


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